Can anyone order from this website?

No, only customers of Desco in the business of selling, repairing, or installing our products, and whom have properly set up an account with us may order from this site. We do not knowingly sell to end users.


What should I do if I can’t find what I’m looking for? Does that mean you don’t carry it?

Call Us! There are many possible reasons why you might not immediately find an item. Many Items in this industry have, over the years, been called different things by different manufacturers. For example: Brush Rolls / Agitators / Disturbulators / MDB’s, or consider the terms bojack / replacement / non-genuine. Or, an item might be in stock, but not yet added to the website. And there are always items that we choose not to put on the site, but still have stock availability on. Or, for example, we might stock the Lamb Motor #117465-00, but don’t stock the #117465-13, the difference being the air-seal bearing construction and the epoxy painted fan case. Lastly, while we mainly use OEM #’s as our order #, that isn’t always true due to duplication as well as the ridiculousness of some numbering systems. So, bottom line, call us and if we have it, we’ll gladly find it for you!


How will I know that you received an order I placed on the website?

Our system automatically generates a confirmation of order that is sent to your email address.


On some items, such as equipment I’m considering buying, I need further information than what’s available on the website. How do I get that information?

Again, call us with any questions whose answer you can’t find on the site. We’ll get you the information you need to make a buying or service decision!


Will ordering via the website change the way I receive or pay my invoices?

No, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable procedures will not change because of the new website.

We prefer to invoice via email, but will still mail or fax invoices if you so choose.


Are there ways to quickly access items on your site that I order frequently?

Yes, we incorporated an “Add To Favorites” feature, allowing you to add any item to your own personal favorites list, which you can access online with just one click from the home page. You can easily add or delete an item from this favorites list.


In the course of placing an order on your website, can I add items to my cart, put it on hold, and come back to it in the future to add/delete items or change quantities, and then sent it to you to be shipped?

Yes, your cart will NEVER EXPIRE. It will stay indefinitely, until you choose to edit it (as often as you like) and/or decide to send it to us by placing your online order.